Helping you borrow with added confidence – because life is unpredictable!

Life is full of surprises and we never know what’s around the corner, so if you’ve got a personal loan with your credit union, you’ll want to know that your repayments will still be made even if something unexpected happens.

Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance is a sensible and cost effective way to ensure your family focus on what’s really important in the event of th­­e unexpected happening, without the added stress of repaying your loan.

With Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance:*

  • Cover in the event of death, disability, trauma, redundancy and bankruptcy.
  • You can choose to have cover in the event of death only or a combination of any of the other covers listed above.
  • Your premiums decrease as you pay off your loan, so you’ll only pay for insurance on the loan balance owing.
  • Cover and premiums are calculated on daily loan balance and paid monthly, so you’ll never over pay.

How do I apply for cover?

If you’ve got an existing credit union loan, or you are looking to get a personal loan, contact your local credit union for more information on Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance.

You can download the Loanminder brochure here.

* For details of terms, conditions & exclusions, please contact your local credit union to view a copy of the Loanminder Insurance group policy document. The policy is issued by Credit Union Insurance Limited (trading as Co-op Insurance NZ).