Third Party Insurance

CARMINDER® Third Party Insurance

Protects you if you accidently damage someone else’s vehicle and it’s your fault.

Even if your car isn’t worth a lot, you still need to protect yourself in case you accidentally damage someone else’s car or property.

With Third Party cover, you won’t face a big bill for repairs or legal costs if you have an accident that’s your fault.

What’s covered under Third Party Car insurance:*

  • Your legal liability (and defence costs) if you are responsible for accidental damage to someone else’s vehicle or property
  • Your car is also covered for up to $3,000 if you have an accident with an uninsured driver of another vehicle who is completely at fault (and you provide us with the details of the other vehicle and driver).

Fair Insurance Code

As a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand, we are committed to complying with the Fair Insurance Code. You can access a copy of the Fair Insurance Code at

* Please refer to the Co-op Insurance NZ Third Party Policy Document for details of terms, conditions and exclusions.

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